Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Duomo Milano

Have you ever seen a work of art so beautiful that it almost made you ache? Maybe you have to be a history buff, or an artist or architect... or just a lover of those things. But for me, going into downtown Milan and seeing the Duomo in person for the first time was an awe inspiring experience.

Photos don't do it justice at all.

So after we were done for the day, we went downtown to the Duomo metro stop and got out to look around. Emerging from the underground, you end up in the middle of what you would think of as "Italy" in your mind. Beautiful people, tourists, old buildings and the duomo, pigeons cooing and the clinking of wine glasses. It was what I imagined I would find here. Of course, this is only a small part of the city, and there are areas that remind me more of DC, but the duomo area is Italy to me.

We had our welcome dinner at a pizza place downtown and proceeded to attempt to consume upwards of 20 pizzas. With some success.

After dinner, Cathy, Judy, Pete and I walked around the duomo and marketplace. After Peter went back home the ladies and I went for a wine and a walk around. I had some epic (and expensive) Moscato (Thanks Judy!!!)

But alas, sleep comes quickly


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