Monday, June 30, 2014

Getting to Know You!

With 18 students and two faculty, it's hard to not only remember names, but to know any little thing about anyone. Thankfully I've had three students in class before and a few others I've seen for advising.

Regardless, today we wandered about our part of town and then did some ice breakers.

Sadly, it's Sunday here and it looks that many Italian businesses observe the day of rest as such. Everything was closed. But with the rain, it was okay to be inside for a jaunt today.

After lunch, the group met up in the garden behind the building and did some getting to know you activities. Some of which involved running around in a circle like idiots. Apparently a group of Italian guys found this entertaining and set up shop to watch us. lol.


The last shot is my favorite. Caitlin and Josh mid-run. 

So basically it was a "Truth or Truth" type game, where someone in the middle of the circle had to say something true about them. If anyone else around the circle had the same thing true about them, they would have to run across the circle to an open spot. The last one to find a spot was the next person to say something true about themselves. :) It was fun and a good way to get to know people. 

More later.

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