Thursday, July 3, 2014

Movies, Mozart and Mozzarella


I see this little guy in the metro every day so I had to get a photo. :)

This is a morning requirement...

Part of the students' job here is to watch films and lectures and fill out corresponding worksheets. We saw a drama, a comedy (which I loved) and a horror movie called Deep Red. It was SO terrible, I just loved it! It was an Italian horror film from the 1970s with poor subtitles and random switching from English to Italian. Not to mention the uber red fake blood and superior acting. BUT, I still really enjoyed the movie! There was a creepy ass doll in it that will likely haunt my dreams for years, but the movie itself was not scary. However, offering a running commentary on it while watching was entertaining.

So when we took a break for lunch, Cathy, Judy and I went across the street from the university and walked past this old church that Mozart once played in. SUPER AWESOME!

We went to a music conservatory and found their little sandwich shop for a quick bite.

After class let out, Cathy and I wandered into downtown to pick up symphony tickets and to stop for a mid-day snack. We found our way to Luini's near the Duomo for some panzorotti... which can only be described as amazing hot pockets. I got hot salami and mozzarella and a ricotta and chocolate. DELISH!

When we finally got home, we relaxed a bit and then went next door for aperitivio (the equivalent of happy hour / appetizers). Basically you buy a drink and then get a variety of things to snack on while socializing. So the delightful Roberto and Marco were our bartenders who made a wicked awesome rum and coke for me and a mojito for Cathy. We stood around for about an hour, sampling the food and people watching. I noticed something about Italy... they give you a little coke with your liquor and not the other way around. I was one and done!


So that evening I wasn't super hungry so I just ordered delivery from Santa Maria 1. Caprese salad and red wine. THEY DELIVER WINE. 6 Euros! Fantastico!


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Mom T. said...

Hi Megan, That would be a catchy title for a book, "Movies, Mozart, and Mozzarella" !
I enjoyed reading about your day. The building that Mozart played in was fascinating. Will they let you take any photos in there?
Have a great day tomorrow. I will not be home--4th of July. Gloria invited me over for foods and dominoes. Love, Mom