Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Hard Not to Worry

When I think about my family, I have the mentality that lots of people have: They'll always be here. How I wish that were true, but sadly quite the opposite is the case. I have a close family member who is very sick and may very well be nearing the end of his life. I'm not being specific because I don't know who has been told about how ill he is and I don't have his permission to parade his name on the Internet, so we'll leave it at that.

But thinking about what could and eventually will happen is terrifying to me. I'm scared of my own death, yes, but more so for the ones I love. So the thought of my mom, dad or sis being sick (none of them are so it's okay) is something I try never to think about. It's worse when you are helpless to do anything to help. Of course moral and emotional support is great, but it's never enough in my mind.

All I ask is that if you have some relationship with a God or higher power that you say a little prayer for my family today and in the coming days. We're in for a dozy of a year medically speaking in my family so all the kind thoughts are helpful.

I personally am doing okay. I am very happy about this year and the possibility it brings and attempting not to dwell on things I can't influence. So all is well but prayers are good. <3


Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Another Blog (Cuz One Wasn't Enough!)

Hey all!
Just wanted to let you know that I have another blog I'm working on as well as this one. It is my fitness, diet and cleaning blog. I'll continue to post on here with both stories and life updates, but that one is specifically for my New Years Resolution to get in shape and organized. Feel free to subscribe to it as well. Any pointers you have for diet or exercise is also welcome! Here is the link to "Losing It":

All my best,


Sunday, January 2, 2011

2010 Year in Review

2010 is Gone...

So I began and ended my year in the same place: my Aunt and Uncle's house in Boiling Springs, PA. So much has changed this year. Some good, some bad. But at the end of the day I would call this year another learning experience and success. I remember my resolution for the past year was to find success and to show everyone that I can accomplish goals... and to lose about 15lbs. Sadly, I've not lost any weight this year, but perhaps that can be another resolution. So let's take a trip back and see what 2010 brought:

- I began my NVCC career after a January 3rd phone call from my future boss, Fred. He offered me an adjunct spot at Northern Va Community College - Woodbridge. My long commutes began soon after... as did my obsession with Dunkin Donuts lattes.

- I was a bridesmaid for the first time in my friend Kim's wedding. Not only was I IN the wedding, but it was my first big destination wedding in the Florida Keys. Probably the most perfect wedding I've been to. :)

- On the same token I got to play with dolphins while in the Keys. Kris and I got to splash around with Tanner the Dolphin in Marathon, Fl. It was my birthday gift to her for her 25th :)

- Joe and I attended a wedding in Bradenton, Florida and I was able to meet his family for the first time. We only shared one dance, but it was still a wonderful trip.

- I walked with the Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure 5K this year in Washington D.C. I walked... not ran. Walked. :) It was a great event and I hope to go back next year.

- I was lucky enough to see my favorite band, Shinedown four times THIS YEAR! This makes six concerts to see them total. I can't wait until they tour again in a few years. Until then I'll watch old videos and remember how alive it made me feel.

- One of my closest and oldest friendships slid to barely acquaintances due to circumstances out of my control. My hope is that 2011 brings some stability to my old friendships from my past.

- A great college and after friend of mine, Greg, got a FANTASTIC job offer in North Carolina. As such we threw him a going away party and he moved out in the Fall. He's taught me that I do need to change my focus and manage keeping my long distance contacts in the forefront of my mine because out of sight never equals out of mind. <3

- Another very close friend of mine (almost sister) LaKesha moved away. For one of the first times in my adult life, I had to experience someone very close to me become a long distance friend. I was lucky enough to visit her in Indiana this past summer. My first trip to the cornfield state! :)

- I was lucky enough to reconnect with two of my best friends from high school: Cora and Jen. They both live in the area now so I need to work on keeping a monthly date with the two of them in the new year :)

- Joe and I had our first date this year on one of my Chicago trips. Once again I am embarking on a long distance relationship. But as long as Southwest has free baggage checks, we're golden. :)

- I was awarded with Basic Course Teacher of the Year from GMU in the Spring. This was my first real recognition as an instructor and a big confidence boost that was desperately needed. I want to keep doing a good job.

- Around the same time I found out I was once again rejected from the Comm PhD program at Mason, as well as 4 other Universities. I was starting to feel like I was looking in the wrong places and at the wrong thing. The fear of being an absolute failure was almost paralyzing.

- I expanded my NVCC reach to the Annandale campus during the Summer and have continued to teach there through the Fall (as well as at Woodbridge).

- My Dad and I went to an Orioles game for the first time since I was 9 years old. It was a magical day (even though the O's lost). I hope to make this a yearly tradition.

- Mom and I had our own magical experience this Winter while kayaking on the Weeki Wachee River in Florida. We spotted nine manatees and they played with us for a while! I even got to pet one repeatedly. He was a sweetheart. I was just amazed with their temperaments and their willingness to be around us humans. An all around perfect day. <3

- This November one of my life goals came to be. I was accepted to a PhD program. I will be an incoming doctoral student in the Higher Education program at GMU this Spring. I am excited and scared to death. But now the fun part begins... proving to everyone that I can excel here. :)

- I bought the green Jeep Cherokee from my Dad this winter. Lil Missy is now my very own Beep Beep. We'll fix up and sell my white Grand Cherokee (Suga') in the Spring. I'm in the process of transferring my tags over to the green Beep Beep.

- I got to spend the holidays with all of my family this year. I saw Mom and her side of the family during Christmas and then Dad, Joan, Care and Dad's side of the family for New Years. Being 25 now I am privy to more with my family. I have learned so much about their lives, trials, loves, pains and desires for life. All the while, they have offered great support for my coming year and new chapter in my life. I can't imagine who I would be without them. I am lucky to have such a great, brilliant, dysfunctional group of individuals to call my kin. :)

- I celebrated my Quarter Century Birthday this year.

Cheers to a New Year and a new set of opportunities.