Tuesday, July 1, 2014

10,000lbs Later: Good Eats and Ordering Gelato


This trip will be a burden on my already Botticelli-esque body. I am consuming mass quantities of pasta, bread, wine and gelato. At this rate I'll have to buy an extra plane seat for my right butt cheek. 

But on the flip-side, I am walking between 2-4 miles every day. Today my arches are on fire because I probably walked 4 miles today in flip flops. 

BUT, another benefit of getting all this food... I'm learning how to order it in Italian. :) The other day we went for gelato and I was able to order all of it in Italian (I got salted caramel creme btw). I know I butchered the emphasis a bit, but the woman understood me. It was molto bene!!!

P.S. I can see the Alps today from my room... :)



So today we trekked early to the marketplace across town. After a fairly long (and humid) metro ride on the red and green line, we made it. Cathy is not a big shopper, so she peaced out quickly whereas I reveled in the flea market set up. It was an entire street of vendors shouting in Italian and attempting to sell to the tourists. 

I actually am quite proud of myself! I spent 54E on a shirt, skirt, sandals, sunglasses, a purse, a wallet and two gifts for friends. 

The shopper in me is doing a happy dance.

So now I am calling it a night and just waiting on my laundry to finish up. 

Buona Notte,

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Mom T. said...

I like the part where you are walking 4-5 miles a day! Keep up the walking since the gelato seems to be so delicious.

I enjoy all the buildings, landscapes, and the Alps, of course.