Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Weekend in Rimini: La Notte Rosa and Granitas

So who knew we would end up in the middle of a city holiday? :o)

So Cathy and myself left on Friday after work and took a three hour train ride to Rimini, Italy on the east coast off the Adriatic Sea.

We were staying at a super cute B&B run by Patrizia. The place was cute (except for the lack of AC) and only a block from the beachfront. Also... Patrizia's breakfasts were AMAZING. Simply amazing! I still dream of the cappuccinos.

So back to La Notte Rosa. This translates to the Pink Night and basically it's just a made up holiday by the people of Rimini. They chose pink to symbolize warmth, femininity, and hospitality since the city is known for being accommodating.


Cathy went scuba diving on Saturday, leaving me to my own devices. I wandered to the beach where I found a TON of people ( many in banana hammocks... ick!). So I decided that instead of fighting for a beach chair, I'd wander out to a rock jetty off a sandbar. A 3 minute walk through the water (it was only knee deep). So I set up shop on the jetty and stayed there for a few hours dipping my feet in the sea and watching the people on the beach. Afterwards I wandered into town and bought a Notte Rosa shirt and settled in for lunch. It was close to when Cathy would return so I headed back toward the dive shop and got gelato at an artisan gelataria there. It. Was. Fabulous. I got strawberry (fragola) and I swear it was the best gelato I'd ever had.

When Cathy came back I talked her into going to the gelataria again and I got a Granita fragola which is like a fruit slushy. Again... amazing.

While at the B&B we met a sweet girl from Canada named Sherri who was biking around Italy. She came out to dinner with us at a local restaurant where we consumed mass quantities of seafood... muscles, shrimp, squid, prawns and some homemade spaghetti. Va benne!

Gaia the mini schnauzer was an adorable addition to the weekend. During our last few hours in Rimini we lounged under an olive tree, where Gaia (aptly nicknamed schnauzerina) took the opportunity to sploot in the sun. If you don't know what splooting is, just look up corgi sploot. :) It's cute.


So mid-day on Sunday we trekked back to the train station and headed back to Milano. A fast weekend, but a wonderful one nonetheless.


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