Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Miss my Driving Tan

Yesterday was such a tease! It got up to 67 degrees and sunny. What a lovely Valentine's Day surprise for me! :) Sadly I had class all evening so I couldn't enjoy it to the fullest, but I did let my students out a lil early so at least they could catch a few rays. Some vitamin D is good for em. Let's hope for an early spring. I miss my driving tan. You know, when you hang your left arm out the window on a nice day, cruisin down the interstate. That's the best tan ever. :)

Speaking of tans, I'll have to work on one for my friend Kelly's wedding in July. I'm SUPER excited to be a bridesmaid again (It's nice to know you make an impression on friends). We have lovely knee length summer dresses that are a light pastel pink WITH STRAPS (Thank you God), and ... wait for it... POCKETS! A pocketed dress. I may die of happiness. And no heels necessary, just flip flops. Oh happy day! It should be a fun wedding! Kim's wedding was such a blast last year, it's nice to have another summer event. So yes, a tan is in the works. AND some serious weight loss. I'd rather have the dress altered than look like a size 12 balloon. I am keeping another blog on just that issue http://meglosingit2011.blogspot.com.

In other updates, I got my first grade as a PhD student. It was an A! WOOT! :) I've been off to a slow start and sort of lacking ideas, but I honestly think I'm just overwhelmed. It'll settle out. Life in general is good. Grandpop had his surgery and is still recovering. It's going to be a long road, but so far things are okay. I'm trekking up to Chicago this weekend to visit Joe! I'm hoping for nice weather since it'll be 70 this weekend in Virginia! Flip flops, here I come! I just hope it sticks around long enough for when I return on Sunday. :)

I'm sure I'll update again then.