Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Turtle Sighting & Shopping in Cruz Bay!

Day 7: May 28th

We were up and out super early today so I didn't bother to upload a bunch of photos yet. However, we had a GREAT day of snorkeling on Francis Beach. I think the girls liked this beach best thus far. It was one of my favorites as well. Very white sand and a great snorkel around the bay. We came across four large sea turtles chowing down on some plants. They were simply amazing to watch. We came across some more blue tang, angel fish, millions of small fries and a few stingray. I floated around shore for a while after we snorkeled and these little silver fish (about the size of blue tang) decided that nibbling on my legs was a GRAND idea. It was freaky so I kept running up and down in the water squealing. I'll be that was a sight. :)

After the snorkel we rode back to the villa for some lunch and then...

SHOPPING DAY!! Okay, so I'm a girl, so I'm totally allowed to be excited about this. I remember two years ago when Joan, Dad and I went into Cruz Bay for shopping, I was just overwhelmed and excited. Today I had a plan. :) I picked up a few trinkets here and there, but I really wanted some Larimar and new Caribbean Topaz earrings since I lost one of mine from the last trip. I also got some goodies from St John Spice (coffee, tea and a meat rub). I went by the spice cam, but had no service to call my friend Maria to tell her we were there. Ah well. We spent most of the time shopping in Mongoose Junction, but wandered further around downtown Cruz.  By 5pm our stomachs and wallets were empty, so we dropped by Uncle Joe's for some BBQ. I got their chicken, rice and beans and coleslaw. Delish! Dad ran across the street to Caps for some frosty El Presidente beers for the group.

Around sunset we packed up and headed out to Annaberg to show Care and Kris the ruins there. It was simply beautiful and a great view of Waterlemon, where Joanie is. Tomorrow we are going to hike down to swim at Waterlemon for the day. Being that we'll be up and out super early again, I'm going to bed at 9pm... don't judge! I need lots of sleep to be this epic. ;)

Cheers and MORE Caps Beers,


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