Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Beach Hoppin and Shipwreck Fish & Chips

Day 6: May 27th

Well we had quite the slow start today. Yesterdays activities pretty much wiped us out. I didn't get up until about 7:15 (which I know is still early, but I have been getting up at 6am). Dad made these fantastic pancakes with a mango and banana flambe' on top. Delish!

Then we suited up and went to Oppenheimer beach for some snorkeling and sun. The reef has regrown quite a bit from two summers back. The brain coral was abundant this time around whereas last time I was here we couldn't find any! Lots of parrot fish, blue tang, small fries and angel fish. I did swim by a small barracuda but he didn't want much to do with me, so I let him be. No reason to panic! lol

After relaxing under the trees at Oppenheimer we packed up for some lunch back in Coral Bay. Let me just say that I LOVE Shipwreck and I have missed the food there so much! I got fish and chips with a Smirnoff blueberry lemonade. Sooo soooo good!

Then the great adventure to Little Lampsure. What a mess! They started to fix the road back there, which I guess is good? But at the same time the bay was FULL of people today. Usually Lampsure is empty because you need 4WD to get back there. /sigh
But we still set up camp near the ruins and snorkeled around. it was a bit murky, but still a good time.

5 hours later:
We picked up some groceries and headed back to the villa for dinner and to unwind
So here I sit ... after 2 wines, a rum and OJ and some vodka cran... I MAY be a little tipsy, so please excuse any spelling errors.
Dad and Val made a fabulous dinner of coconut and mango rice, grilled chicken and mixed veggies. And I grabbed dark chocolate M&Ms for dessert ;)
It's pouring a flood outside so I will call it an early night.

Cheers and Coral Hunting,


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