Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Snorkeling at Waterlemon Cay

Day 8: May 29th

What an amazing snorkel day! It's only 4:00pm and I already have so much to post! Once again we were up at the crack of dawn for another eventful day. After a fast breakfast of bagels, mango and coffee, we packed up our gear and headed out. I must note that the "driveway"/road from the villa to the main road is an epic event in and of itself. Most of it is unpaved and all of it is fairly treacherous. They even list that you MUST have a 4WD vehicle to get to the villa. We have two Jeep Wranglers so we are golden. I have noticed that Jeep keeps the islands well stocked. :)

Anywho, we drove down to Leinster Bay and began the 1/2 mile hike out to the beach so we could snorkel to Waterlemon.

A highlight reel of the snorkel: We saw starfish (hundreds!), sting rays, sea turtles, angel fish, blue tang, stoplight parrot fish, urchins (ugh!!), foureye butterflyfish, barracuda, yellowtail snapper, sergeant majors, and small fries among MANY others I just couldn't identify.

And to top it off we spotted an Eagle Ray which is a SUPER rare stingray. In the 20+ years that Joan went to the Caribbean, she never spotted one. How funny that we saw one at Waterlemon, where we just placed Joan two days prior...

(This one is not my photo. Mine didn't come out well. This is from

It was a beautiful snorkel. The reefs were lush and FULL of brain coral. we spent a while resting on Waterlemon before fighting the current back to Leinster. I was fairly exhausted when it was all said and done but I can easily say that this was my favorite snorkel sight. Just all the starfish alone was amazing. 

We then headed back to Cruz Bay to fill up on gas (there is only one station on the entire island) and to grab lunch. We went back to Mongoose Junction and ate at the Grotto Deli (just like I did two years back). This time I got the Trunk Bay Chicken Sandwich. Care got the Pink Cadillac that I got last time. Dad got the New Yorker and Kris got Turkey and Artichoke. Val got a Veggie Pannini and I'm not sure what Rob picked up. Either way it was amazing because we were so famished. 

Care, Kristen and I swung by Skinny Legs in Coral Bay on the way back so we could pick up some shirts/goodies. Dad came across a 1959/60 MGA, which was super cool and rare!

Now we are back at the villa. I just dove in the pool to unwind a bit and (not to brag) made my way to the hot tub to work out some tense muscles. I was working hard to get to the island today so my legs are a bit stiff. 

Now we are hanging out until we go out to Maho beach to watch the sunset. 

More tomorrow!

Cheers and St. John Brewery Root Beers,

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