Friday, May 24, 2013

Best. Milkshake. Ever.

Day Three: I have climbed the mountain!!!

What a day! We had a slower start because of some horrible downpours this morning. But after it cleared up we packed the Jeep and went on an adventure around the island. 

Dad and Rob posing for some photos by the point. Such handsome family members. :)
I followed them out to the point to enjoy the delicious breeze this morning.

Udder Delite Dairy Bar is AMAZING! If you can find this (near Magen's Bay), then please stop and get a milkshake! I picked a Chocomint shake... Chocolate ice cream, chocolate milk and creme de menthe. Whew. I mean... damn. It was fabulous.

After swimming for HOURS at Magen's Bay, we drove up to Drake's Seat on our way to Mountain Top.
Mountain Top was cool! What a great view of Magen's Bay and the BVIs.

The largest rum bottle EVAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ;) If only it were really full. 

Tomorrow we pick up Carrie and head over to St. John for a week. :)

Cheers and Chocomint Milk Mustaches,


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