Monday, May 27, 2013

Big Sister Joins the Fray

Day 4: May 25th

Today was more travel. We packed up our things at Sapphire and headed out towards Charlotte Amalie for lunch and to pick up another rental Jeep.  Rob, Val, Dad, Kris and I stopped by the restaurant Hook, Line and Sinker for lunch. They were situated right on the wharf, so there were a bunch of pelicans flying around the building, fishing for their own lunch. I ended up getting a tun melt which was AMAZING.

After a speedy lunch, we split up. Rob, Val and Kris took the bigger Jeep to get groceries and to head to Red Hook to catch the ferry. Dad and I took the two door Jeep (a bit ragged out... the flaps kept flying backwards) and drove down to the airport to pick up Carolynn. Just as we pulled up, her United flight was touching down. Well timed as usual. ;)

Care was excited and exhausted, so we drove her back out to Red Hook for some lunch since she had not eaten anything since Newark at 7am. We ended up at Iggie's Beach Bar where she scarfed down some fish tacos and had her first Painkiller. :)

By the time we got to the ferry docks, Rob, Val and K were already gone. They rode over on the Roanoke which was exciting for Kris because it was my favorite ferry... palm trees on top, a big sign that read "Tug Life" and it was old as dirt. A fantastic ferry boat. Loads of personality. ;) They finally fixed the lift gate it seems... it used to not really close.

When Dad, Care and I arrived to the docks, Captain Vick was loading up. Vick is the same style car ferry as Roanoke, but not quite as tired. We took Care up top to look at the beautiful Caribbean water as we trekked over to St John. Somewhere between the two islands, I really started to get excited! I love this place. I've dreamed of returning to it since I last left in the summer of 2011.

We took the long way to Coral Bay where the villa Dad rented is situated. We are staying at Estate Fortsburg which is... amazing. Whoever owns this placed spared no expense. It features four bedrooms which would comfortably fit 8 people, and five bathrooms. A huge kitchen/living space which faces the top deck (it's on a mountainside). The deck has a small pool which butts up to the edge of the deck, looking over Coral Bay. And one of the coolest, strangest parts is that each bathroom has an outdoor shower! So neat! The only problem is the door to the shower is see-through, so Kris and I have to be mindful of who is in there, so they don't get a free show. LoL.

After everyone unpacked and settled in, we headed over to Miss Lucy's for their Full-Moon Party and Pig Roast. Local cats hung around the table for some scraps, so we got to play with island kitties for a while. I got pulled pork, local stuffing and plantains.... holy God. It was amazing. I keep saying that don't I? Well, I apologize, but it is true. This place does amaze me quite frequently. After the party we got back to the villa and watched the full moon on the deck. What a beautiful sight. :)

Tomorrow we take Joan to her forever home on Waterlemon, so I'm calling it an early night.

Cheers and Full Moon Rum Punch,


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