Saturday, August 16, 2008

Sighs of Relief

Photo by: Me

Well, I guess someone is looking after me up there... either that or God is a blogger and read my last post. I got a phone call from my doctor FINALLY. And I'm cancer-free!!! :) YAY! Which means, no immediate surgery which is good. I just have to keep an eye on this thing for 6 months and get retested then if it's still around. So lets hope it goes away... but in the meantime I'm gonna name it. Suggestions?

So thank God that's off my mind at least for a while. Thank you sooo much to everyone who sent their support through this. It really did feel good to know people cared. Sometimes we lose sight of who matters to us and who keeps us in the back of their minds even if you haven't talked forever. Love you guys <3

So now that that's over, I can turn my focus to the Fall semester coming up. I can't believe the 2 weeks I got off is practically over. And this semester is going to be a whirlwind! I'm taking 3 Masters classes, teaching 2 Public Speaking courses, starting the Thesis (which I'm not sure what I'm doing yet lol), applying to PhD programs, prepping for a few conferences, traveling, seeing family at some point?, and starting the novel (yes, I'm gonna suck it up and do it). So yeah, if I tend to let my communication slip just e-slap me in the face or yell at me and I'll snap back. Just a preemptive apology. lol.

"Be Safe"

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