Sunday, August 24, 2008

23 Years Ago

I'm 23 today. I've been thinking about the concept of time all week. It's such a finicky thing. It rushes past and then drags on slowly, then rushes again. I never have enough or I have too much to think on. Along with the notion of time, I've been thinking about timing. I never have good timing. Anytime something awesome could happen it's at the wrong time. My life has been a series of could-be-a-good-things if it were a different time and place. Yikes. I didn't mean to go off like that... this is supposed to be a YAY post. lol.

I'm such a brooder these days. I'm sure I'm annoying everyone to death. :) Anyway, birthday stuff!

Kris was super roomie this weekend and made sure I had a good birthday. I got a beautiful bouquet of flowers and a FANTASTIC sapphire necklace and engraved business card holder. Also she woke me up with a Starbucks White Chocolate Mocha and we did dinner Saturday at Red Lobster... mmmm cheddar bay biscuits... *shivers* On my actual birthday I cleaned the apartment... lol... I'm so old. Then Kris, Liam, Scott, Sonia and I went to Olive Garden. It was good to actually see people. I was thinkin it would be a wash almost, but all of them made it good. ANd of course everyone that saw it was my B-day on facebook made me happy! :) Thanks guys! Scott and SOnia were awesome and got me a lovely star necklace and a book I've been wanting for a while! So yeah, I have a good group that puts up with my shenanigans! OH! And roomie got me a cookie dough cake... mmmmm. I blew out the candles and kept one for good luck for the year. I hope what I wished for comes true. But I wish for it every year and sometimes I wonder if it's just too lofty of a desire.

I'm still trying...

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