Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Day Four: Duty Calls

Day Four

So even though this is in fact paradise, I still have a job to do. My students' finals are due for NVCC this week so I spent the entire day on the villa porch with my lappy and a rum and coke. I would have to say that this should be the ONLY way in which college profs are allowed to grade anything. :) So I'm over halfway done with my grading responsibilities for the summer! I should be done by tomorrow evening.

The other nice part of being at home and out on the porch all day was the nature watching I got to do! The island is full of iguanas and tropical birds, so spotting them is fairly easy. There is probably a 40-60 foot drop to the ground from the porch, so there are a few trees below that you can look straight down into from the railing. The iguanas here are fantastically lazy creatures who crawl up the tree branches and sun themselves... all day. We have an average of 6 of them in the trees at a time, keeping a watchful eye over us humans! So I got out my nifty, broke ass camera and took some closeups of these dashing young lizards.

After much grading, Dad and Joan's friends Patty and Joe came by to visit a bit and check out our end of the island (they are staying in Coral Bay). After they left, I suited up as Barney would say, and took a dip in the pool. Since the tropical storm is swinging north now, we got some early rain and a LOT of humidity today, making it rather sticky outside. However, I'm feeling for everyone up in NOVA. I've been watching the weather and DC looks to be getting some really crap heat.

Oh yes, and the bird up top is a Banana Quip. They are TINY little guys who love sugar water. They're pretty quick so I was lucky to get as good a shot as I did. Cute lil guys. <3

I don't have much more to report today other than the fact that my father is an amazing cook. Which most of you already have heard. :) Tomorrow if Joan's leg is a little less sore, I think we'll hit up Francis Bay again for some swimming, or down to Cruz Bay to shop. :)

Cheers with Cruzan Rum!

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Fijufic said...

Love Cruzan Rum...

You know the great swimming beaches are:

1) Hawksnest
2) Cinnamon Bay
3) Francis Bay (Great snorkel)
4) Maho isn't really all that...swim to it from Francis Bay!
5) Waterlemon Key is worth the hike for a snorkel. The only place you will see huge starfish on the island!
6) Salt Pond is on the desert side and worth a snorkel but watch out for sandspurs!
7) Trunk Bay is gorgeous and has a snorkel trail and lifeguard! The tourists from the cruise ships hit that on Tuesday's and Thursday's.

They have a brewery at The mall in Cruz bay and they make their own rootbeer. Ask them to mix it with Cruzan and it is very different yet very good!

I am excited for you. St. John is where I would like to live eventually. For now we generally rent a house in Chocolate Hole.

Enjoy everything!