Sunday, August 7, 2011

Day 7: Petroglyphs and Little Lameshure Bay

Day 7

Third day in a row of snorkeling and I still feel pale! How is this even possible? :) Lack of tanning aside, I am having a great time snorkeling. Dad, Joan and I went out to Little Lameshure Bay for some quiet and snorkeling. Usually Lameshure is a very isolated beach area because the road to the beach is mostly washed out with crater like potholes. Today, however, a large group of kids and their parents were there for a birthday party. So Dad and I snorkeled by the cliff wall around the bay.

We saw a bunch more of the Blue Tang, which has quickly become my favorite tropical fish. Dad spotted a big ole Grouper down there as well... that woulda made a yummy sandwich. I unfortunately saw a sea snake wrapped around a piece of coral down there. I would have taken a photo but I was too busy screaming through my snorkel mask and kicking in the opposite direction. Ugh! lol. So it turns out I am a pansy! ;)

After our snorkel session we floated out near the shore and enjoyed the sunshine a while. There were these great ruins of a Danish governor's home at Lameshure. I got some great shots but I haven't loaded them on here yet, so I'll put them up tonight. <3

We set off for lunch at Shipwreck again. We all got some fish and chips. The local restaurant cat, Buster, came over to hang out with us in hopes of grabbing some fish. She was a sweetie (and yes, Buster was a she). By the way, I'm adding a cool photo of the Flamboyant tree blooms so you can see how fabulously red they are! :)

After lunch we trekked the almost hour drive back to Cruz Bay for some shopping! Dad and Joan were lovely and got me a Petroglyph key pendant and chain which I was poised to buy myself. But they beat me to it. ;) This particular petroglyph has become a signature of St. John because it was found here along with many other old Indian stone carvings. It is literally everywhere!

I picked up some great Larimar stone earrings as well. More shopping is to be had before I set back to the mainland on Tuesday. :)

When we finally got back to the villa, we popped into the Wally pool for some relaxing floating before a night in. I finally finished submitting all of my grades for the summer term. So I am "officially" on break! LoL. :)

Cheers and Coral Bay Excursions!


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Gayle Tucker said...

Megan, It sounds like you finally enjoy snorkeling. I know you did some when we were searching around for scallops. However, the scallops had other ideas!