Friday, April 1, 2011

St Pattys and April Fools!

I have been so bad about posting! It's been a month and a half! And JUST NOW on April Fools am I realizing this. Doh! So happy belated St. Pattys day. In usual fashion I watched "The Quiet Man." (Look it up if you've not seen it).

Life has been fantastically busy and stressful lately, so there hasn't been a lot of downtime to update. Even now, I have a stack of papers and speeches staring at me... just waiting to be graded! But it's Friday afternoon and I'm aimin' to have some "me" time today.

I do want to say thank you to all of my friends and former students who gave me support, hugs and chocolate this week! You really made stressed Meg transform back to her normal self. So thank you <3

So again... it's April 1st. I think the best fool of all of this is all of us. Mother nature is giving the finger it seems with all this cold weather! Wasn't it in the 70s a few weeks ago? And then snow? And then... this?! Pathetic. I'm ready to drive with the windows down... not shivering and wondering where my gloves are!

Speaking of cold - next week I'm traveling to Chicago to see Joe and to go to a conference in the area. Hopefully I'll be able to post on that when I'm back.

Until then. Cheers!


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