Thursday, July 1, 2010

Back to my world

I realize I've been posting mostly short stories lately and less on what is going on in my ever-changing world. So back to the Real World: Centreville. Okay, so my life is not that epic that there is any chance at a reality TV train wreck forming, but I still find humor in it all.

Remember that job interview I got and was really excited about? Stop praying for me... it didn't work out. They gave the job away. BUT I WILL NOT BE MOVED! I'm gonna keep digging around for full-time teaching gigs and for PhDs in Higher Ed. Someday the balance of the universe will be restored and I will have some positives happen. Til then I'll just bitch about what could have been. :)

No worries though. I'm not begging for sympathy like I have in the past. I am finding far too many fun things to focus on. For example: If I EVER want a compliment to brighten my day I will go to KFC. (I'll explain). The man who is always working the window when I drive up for my 3 crispy strips, wedges and a drink is just darling! I'll give him my credit card and he asks if I want sauce. I say "honey mustard please." And WITHOUT FAIL he will say something like "you're sweet enough. You don't need honey." Something like that... No I'm not stupid. He says that to every woman who asks for honey mustard I'm sure. But in my perfect world this big burly man is telling me this because I am just as sweet and adorable as pie. ;)

My career is booming... not financially. But personally it's wonderful. I just finished up the first summer session at NVCC Woodbridge. It went by sooo quickly! But they were an awesome group. I also got evals from GMU and NVCC for the Spring and got more 5.00s! Not totally across the board, but they were still good. Apparently one person thinks I try to be funny. Little do they know that I am actually quite hilarious and they have a complex. :) So I'm very pleased. Now if only this job could make money... I'd like to be able to comfortably pay rent AND get my KFC whenever I damn well please.

Let's see... what else... OH! I'm taking an epic solo road trip to Indiana soon. My darling LaKesha is moving there for a full time teaching gig so I promised I'd help her out. I'll see Mr. Joeface while I'm out there so it should be a good time. Let's hope Beep Beep Jr (The green Jeep) will make the journey without problem. I'm sure I'll post about it when I get back.

I need to see more Orioles games. Let's make a date! Anyone?

<3 Meg

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