Thursday, May 6, 2010


These need to turn into something soon...

It'll never be the same again
The frigid heart of what once was a friend.

The words are poisoned with hate,
I'll never be sorry for feeling this way.
Been cut to the core,
and sad to say it's far too late.

Windswept and weary,
Lost; not needing to be found
Perfectly content on this road
No lines, no lights, no sure way home.
The sun breaking lower...
The trees start to shiver...
A path becomes more clear,
Wondering where to turn;
Where to go from here.

I had to learn how to love before I could learn how to hate.
Thank you for showing me both.
Fuck you for making the latter stay.
I need to learn to forgive, before I learn to replace.
Thank you for losing it.
Fuck you for leaving me this way.

Okay, so I realize how some of these sound. They are simply honest, and not reflective of how I feel RIGHT NOW. LoL. But of course these thoughts occur. So before any of you think I'm off the wagon or thoroughly depressed; I'm not. I am just human. Life is good, but I still need to write. It's been far too long and I have a lot bottled up from years of love, pain, hate, fear, respect and confusion. It's all going to come out soon. I hope to keep posting things like this and eventually turning them into something whole. Don't ninja my stuff as your own or I'll hunt you down like a turkey at Thanksgiving. TYVM ;)



JS2000 said...

Very creative. "Windswept and weary" was my favorite.

Meg said...

Thanks! :) I think that's my favorite too. Who are you JS2000?! I don't recognize the name

JS2000 said...

You're welcome. :-) Who is JS2000? It's me James!