Monday, June 15, 2009


I'm on the verge of having good things happen. If you pray, pray. If you just wish good things, wish good things.

I really could use some good news soon. I need some positive things to start happening again. So far, so good. I got a job with the University of Phoenix Online as an online instructor of Communication. I start training for that soon! :)

Otherwise I'm still silently hoping that something opens up in the PhD program for me, and that a job at Mason happens. I am still beating myself up over the one person there that doesn't seem to like me much. I really wish I knew why or what I've done. I worry they think that I can't hack it, or that I'm not deserving of a PhD. Or that maybe I'm just not a good human being... either way it sucks because I respect them a lot. And I thought that they at least supported me staying there. I don't know. :( I'd like to ask them about it, but I'm scared of what they'll say.

Either way... I hope something good happens soon. I could use it.

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