Friday, August 1, 2014

Firenze Frenzy: Planning a week in Florence, Italy

The Duomo in Florence, Italy

The gateway to our apartment complex

Being that we spent all day in Modena and Maranello on Sunday, we started our week in Florence on Monday. First off, let's talk about our apartment. We are situated about two blocks from the Duomo, which we can see from the living room window. The apartment is small and cozy with one bedroom (that Dad has graciously given to me since he gets up so early), a living room with a single bed, a dining area, a tiny closet sized kitchen and a bathroom. It's nice having a whole space to ourselves for sure. and the owners Giovanni and Maura were very kind and accommodating. We had some issues with the shower head (it doesn't attach to the holder above so you have to hold it the whole time) and there is a rather treacherous fight of stairs up to the apartment with a railing that is about to give up. But I am not complaining. For my first week here, it's a good start, and thankfully the weather has been nice, so having no AC has not been an issue. There is a little orange and white kitty that lives in the courtyard (or at one of the other apartments) in the building. She and I have formed quite a bond. :) The apartment is a huge old building dating back 400 years. It's amazing!

We are the open window halfway up.

Monday in Florence: The lay of the land

We needed to get our bearings and rest up from a day of travel and walking in Modena. So I suggested we hold off on the mass of museum tours we have a pass for until Tuesday. Instead we got up early and walked down to the open marketplace for some provisions. 30 Euro later we had tomatoes, strawberries, bananas, bread, proscutto, cheese, buffalo mozzarella, cookies and garlic for Rob and Val. :o)

After we dropped off our food and make a small lunch of caprese salad, bread and strawberries, we headed back downtown towards the Duomo. There was quite a line to get in at first, so we walked around taking photos of the facade. I spotted an artisan gelateria so I grabbed dad and I some gelato. A small chocolate and pineapple for me and a small double chocolate for him. When I emerged and headed back to the shade where Dad was sitting, I noticed he was in deep conversation with a couple in their 50s. He made friends again. :o) This lovely couple was originally from outside of London but moved to Australia about 30 years ago. We chatted them up for about 15 minutes about travel, food and the French (it's a hot topic over here). When the queue was almost gone, we said goodbye and headed into the Duomo. What a beautiful place! It is different from the Duomo in Milano, but just as lovely.

Monday night we scouted out a restaurant that was recommended to us by Giovanni where I had an amazing marinated steak and mixed roasted veggies. Dad got spaghetti de la mare. Two cappuccinos later we were wandering home and hit the hay.



Anonymous said...

Thanks for the garlic!!! :)

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the garlic!! :)