Sunday, January 29, 2012

Making Lists

To Dos... Groceries... Don't Forget... Gift Ideas... Class schedules... Student Needs

I make lists. Lots of them. To the point what when I started cleaning today I found about 20 of them. All different kinds. However, there was something universal throughout. None of them were completely crossed off. Some were almost finished and some appeared as new and untouched as the day I thought them up.

I don't finish my lists. And I guess that is alright. I do accomplish what I feel I need to each day, and I always meet the deadline (however close it may get). But these lists got me thinking about other lists I've made. In diaries and journals. In my mind. The greater "to do" list of what I want to accomplish. What I want others to remember. And I wonder now as a woman in her upper twenties... how am I doing? I'm still holding steady to so many ideas and aspirations that I made when I was younger and saw the world with different eyes. So still now, I stand poised with pen in hand, just waiting to cross another thing off or to check the box that it is complete. That it is successful.

Trust me that this is not a post of regrets or even of pessimism. It is however, a curiosity of self. How do I decide what to start on, what to finish, and what to leave on these lists for another day. How do I decide what gets to sit untouched until a colder January day where I feel the urge to de-clutter.

What are your lists? Do you always complete them?
I feel like I'm not the only one.


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