Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Hard Not to Worry

When I think about my family, I have the mentality that lots of people have: They'll always be here. How I wish that were true, but sadly quite the opposite is the case. I have a close family member who is very sick and may very well be nearing the end of his life. I'm not being specific because I don't know who has been told about how ill he is and I don't have his permission to parade his name on the Internet, so we'll leave it at that.

But thinking about what could and eventually will happen is terrifying to me. I'm scared of my own death, yes, but more so for the ones I love. So the thought of my mom, dad or sis being sick (none of them are so it's okay) is something I try never to think about. It's worse when you are helpless to do anything to help. Of course moral and emotional support is great, but it's never enough in my mind.

All I ask is that if you have some relationship with a God or higher power that you say a little prayer for my family today and in the coming days. We're in for a dozy of a year medically speaking in my family so all the kind thoughts are helpful.

I personally am doing okay. I am very happy about this year and the possibility it brings and attempting not to dwell on things I can't influence. So all is well but prayers are good. <3



Fijufic said...

It is an awful feeling. I'll send positive thoughts and prayers to those you love....


Meg said...

Thanks Bobby! You're the best :)