Wednesday, December 15, 2010

A Good Day for No Reason

It's so cold outside it's ridiculous. There comes a point when it should really just snow and get it over with! However, I'm fairly content tonight. I have my new fuzzy socks on and I'm eating a SUPER healthy bowl of Easy Mac. I've only had this twice in my life in my defense. ;) I have been smack dab in the middle of finals week so there are piles of grading that are undone at my feet. But for now, I'm content doing nothing but updating this thing and humming Taylor Swift songs.

Today was a great day. And I have no clue why. I kept laughing out loud for the dumbest reasons today and that was fine with me. It started, as most funny stories do, with my cat, Ariella. Every morning at around 5a.m. she decides that she's lonely and paws at my door. After stumbling over to let her in I crawled back in bed and put the covers over my head. Air-Bear (as I tend to call her) didn't miss a beat. She launched all 18lbs of her onto my bed and started looking for me. She climbed up to where she thought my head was and mewed very softly... and pathetically. I grunted. She then climbed around my head and stuck her face under the covers, just inches from my nose. After sniffing my lips (she loves the smell of my chapstick)she barrel rolls onto me and under the covers as well. Sneaky minx! I couldnt help but laugh until I fell back asleep with a purr monster next to me.

The second odd outburst of laughter happened on my way to work. I drove out to Annandale to give a final today. Let me preface this by saying that I drive a LOT. So I have made it a game of mine to scout out cars that I would one day like to own and then hate on the driver. OR I read vanity tags and try to figure them out. This super slow Subaru (yay alliteration!) was in front of me with the tags KTNRSQ. Here is me... "KTNRSQ...Kite and are square? If this is a math equation it sucks! KTNR.. Kitner? The hell. That's not a word. RSQ... risque? Kit risque? RSQ..rescue... KITTEN RESCUE!!! HA! God, I'm Awesome!" *bursts out laughing* The guy at the light next to me witnessed this and quickly sped away. LoL.

I guess it's the little things? Case in point: I felt victorious when I cleaned out our microwave today. Yeah. Welcome to adulthood Meg. For Christmas you want a new set of steak knives, new socks, money for credit card bills and a book stamp. I used to want a pony... or a hot wheels Jeep... or another pony. :)

Speaking of Xmas, I will have to make a post about that soon. As well as the year in Review. THAT should be entertaining. I was scolded for not updating this much. I honestly didn't know people still checked this! For those of you that do, THANK YOU! :)

Happy Wednesday!


Nezar said...

I know that proftizzle will write the greatest american novel in the universe :D ... simply because she is the best :D

Fijufic said...

Thanks for the Update. Merry Christmas. I'm sure the traffic up there is nuts...